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The Third Thing Is the One That Doesn’t Matter

March 20, 2015


In the winter of my first baby’s first year, I took up quilting. It was the result of a lot of realities, but mostly it was that raising a child was an undertaking that would stretch out as far into infinity as I could imagine, and so too would the accompanying Philadelphia winter. I needed a project that I could do inside. One that took less than 18 years and would make me feel accomplished, even if only in the tiniest of ways.

In the six years since, quilting has become a bigger and bigger part of my life, and paradoxically, the reason I’ve grown to love it so is because in the end, to me, it simply does not matter.

Craft matters, and art matters; keeping warm matters. But sitting at my sewing machine during that winter provided an escape from the pressures of the two things that mattered…

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