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Five Good Days: Life’s a Marathon

February 18, 2015

After 15 marathons and a couple of ultra marathons, I really get life is a marathon. Pace, pace, peace, pace!!! ;$)


I can tell you without hesitation when and where the four longest hours of my entire life took place. I don’t have to stop and think, I don’t have to go back into the recesses of my memory; I can tell you right now: They happened in Maine, in the rain, and I spent the entire duration of them running.

Now, you might ask yourself, “Gee whiz, that doesn’t sound like a very good day. I wonder why it’s included in this selection of stories?” Your surprise and confusion would not be misplaced, were you reflecting upon the life and interests of someone who hadn’t decided to spend every Sunday for 16 weeks doing nothing but eating, running, and painfully rolling the knots and cramps out of a pair of very sore legs, in preparation for the hugely unnecessary vanity project called “My First Marathon.”

A marathon—unless you are fast enough and good enough…

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